Regal Fire S.A.

50 years of experience and knowledge

Since 1963 Regal Fire S.A. offers economic and high quality heating solutions. It is a pioneering force in the greek market, while lately it is developing its own network in Europe and overseas.

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The high-tech products of Regal Fire S.A. are designed to ensure an efficient and controlled combustion of the wood with primary and secondary combustion systems, thus achieving reduction of pollutant emissions into the environment.


The products of Regal Fire S.A. are designed to match the aesthetics of most houses, highlighting the clean lines of the fireplace. The high quality crystal offers uninterrupted viewing of the flame.


Regal Fire S.A. is certified with ISO EN 9001 2008 quality management system, from TUV HELLAS, a member of NORD Group.
Its products are certified with CE, in compliance with EN 13229, a European standard for closed fireplaces.